Youth are key. Without them, a generation will crumble and cease to exist.  I believe we as a party have a duty. A duty to ignite a passion within the youth of today, so that they can rise up and become the leaders of tomorrow. It is our job to provide them opportunities to easily serve and volunteer on campaigns across the state. It is my belief that the youth of Michigan are bright minds wanting to benefit the communities that they live in. Let us provide them the spark to ignite their passion for politics, and help Michigan on the road to comeback!


Youth are bright. They are not afraid to try things others have deemed impossible. They have this drive to see something through, to see completion, successes. The more youth we have as part of the Michigan GOP, the larger force we are to be reckoned with. Imagine a volunteer base by the thousands, of teens and young adults walking door to door in their communities spreading the word to vote and support Republican candidates! This should be our goal! To reach out to youth and train them up to be the Christian conservative leaders of tomorrow, willing to get their hands dirty and take the time to volunteer to help make Michigan's future bright! 


I have had the spark lit within me by many leaders in my life and in turn I want to do the same for students across the state, and to help us strive as a party to keep youth at the forefront of our thoughts, and provide them with easy access to campaigns and opportunities, because they will be the leaders of tomorrow. Please join me in making this possible! We will be doing a lot here in 2015 to set the course for 2016, so please stay connected and in touch!


Joey Gamrat

Active Youth, Concerned American




Donate Today!

Are you a student or young adult looking to jump into politics and volunteer on a campaign? If so we wwould love your help! We are looking for passionate volunteers who want to see the Republican party reach the youth in our culture. We are looking for hard workers and anyone who is willing to spread the word! Please contact us below if you are interested! Anyone is welcome to help no matter the age!

It is virtually impossible travel the state and continue efforts in reaching out to youth without financial support. I am asking for you to consider donating so that we can help ignite a passion in the youth of our culture to get involved and make a difference in the political process. It is my belief that this creates a future generation who cares about their country and is willing to step up and fight for what they believe in. If you can spare $5, $10, $20, or $50, it would go an incredibly long way in helping reach this goal. Every dollar counts and will help greatly! Click the button below to be taken to my online donating page. Thank you so much for your generous support!



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