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Jack Lown is a leading international  creative partnership. 


1. I will make a presence in all 83 counties during my term, making myself available, and helping outreach to youth.


2. Coordinate with District Youth Committees to unite and reach out to youth of all ages in Congressional Districts, getting them politically involved and ready for the State House and Presidential races of 2016.


Working with youth committees heads and other grassroots volunteers to outreach to youth in all counties. We need to unite to move forward as a party. We need to use this same concept and work to unite Youth Committees throughout the state.


3. Work to get Republican school board members and officials elected across the state.


Local races are sometimes forgot, but it is these races that can be the most important when it comes to what is being taught in our schools. I will be active in all counties, making sure we get Republican school board officials and members elected, and provide them ground game support.


4. Work with Republican campaigns to help them with messaging and communication that will reach younger voters and get them involved.


Marketing is key in electing candidates, and it is my goal to make sure we have marketing aimed at youth. We need campaigns that connect with youth, and create a vision youth want to be a part of.


5. Work with the MI GOP Chair, Vice Chairs, and the Michigan GOP to allocate funding to better reach students across the state.


I will  continue to be a working member of the leadership team, partnering and uniting with them to further the Republican party. I will push to allocate funding, and help with boots on the ground fundraising, so that we can outreach to our youth.


6. Create a streamlined process for students and young adults to get involved in the party.


Work on establishing a central hub (a website) for youth to easily get involved. This would include a feature where youth can type their zip code, and see all possible events and volunteer opportunities within their area. This makes volunteering easy, and minimizes discouragement.


7. Establish a yearly gathering of Republican youth leaders to work as a united front in helping youth become politically active.


Work with groups who represent youth to unite, and learn from each other. Create a place where leaders can learn how to effectively reach out to youth, while meeting and networking with each other.


8. Establish a monthly newsletter with updates and upcoming events so that youth can easily see what opportunities are open, and become informed on issues that relate to them.


An email newsletter (connected to a blog) where youth and grassroots and see what the party is doing across the state, and include issues that pertain to youth. This would also include stories on different youth across the state, and what they are doing to make a difference in their communities.


9. Listen to your thoughts and ideas on how to effectively reach youth on and off campuses.


I believe that we all deserve a voice in this matter, and know that a Youth Vice Chair represents all of these voices. I am very accessible and would love your feedback. If you have other thoughts on how to best reach youth, or have an idea that you think would be beneficial, please call, email, Facebook message, or text me. I would love to hear it and connect with you.


10. Make Voter Registration a priority among campuses and students 18 and up. 


Make sure every college chapter and other forces within our state have the resources to allow students to register to vote easily. We need to be reaching out to new voters and making sure they have the opportunity for their voice to be heard!


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