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Jack Lown is a leading international  creative partnership. Our designs around the world insist on clever forms while inventing new options for everyday use and content. 



Jack Lown is a leading international  creative partnership. 

I have had the privileged to work and build connection in and out of the political realm, and now I want to help youth across our state do the same. My vision is something I would like to see al of us encompass, and is why I am doing my best to spread the word! Please check it out and join Team Gamrat as we enter 2016!




Ignite. Inform. Instruct. Implement.


Four easy steps that will lead to success in becoming a party of youth, inspired to make a difference. This is my vision for 2016 and beyond. These steps are fundamental in reaching youth and instilling in them the Conservative vision of the Republican party. We al play a crucial part in reaching these younger generations. We MUST focus on these youth, because if we do not, we will not have a foundation, a base of freedom, in years to come.



We need to work to ignite a political passion in the youth of Michigan. Igniting a generation of conservatives who are inspired to change their communities. We have to be effective and successful in using every and all possible avenues to communicate to youth of all ages, to Ignite in them a passion to make a difference and get involved.



Teaching the younger generations the Republican platform and its values and principles that help make our economy and state prosper is also a crucial step. We must be effective in teaching and instilling values and principles in our students because they are the future of the conservative movement.



We need to instruct youth in campaign best practices.  Whether it is making phone calls, knocking doors, or designing campaign literature, young people are willing to spend their time helping others get to the polls and vote. Training, when done right, can reap huge results. When training ground teams, phone banks, and volunteers, we must keep our youth in mind no matter the age. These youth will be the leaders of our party in just a few years.



This step is for youth already involved in politics and those new to being politically active. Youth who have a desire to help out on a campaign and make a difference in their community often don't know how. They don't know who to contact or where victory centers are located. We need a streamlined process and when a process is easy and all information can be found with the click of a button, youth are more apt to get involved and help the Republican party.


        Phone: 269-370-9489     Email: pianochords97@gmail.com  Twitter:@joey_gamrat     Facebook: Joey Gamrat    Instagram: @dailycupofjoey